PCs2U, Inc.
Technology for the new workforce
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About Us

PCs2U, pronounced PCz To You, has been serving the needs of computer users both large and small. We take pride in providing quality technology at an affordable price. We are in the process of applying for Woman Owned HUB Status with the State of Texas. Having been in computer sales since 1994, the owner, Lydia McCary, simply enjoys the thrill of new technology and how it makes our lives easier.  Her experience has led her to understand the long term relationships where true trust and cooperation make for the best results of moving a company forward safely into a new way of securing your company's aassets. Many US Veterans have expressed thankfulness that the eqiupment they received from her works to get them were they want to be, educated and in a new job. She then decided that PCs2U had an opportunity to help many other businesses facing the same challenge; solid technology at a reasonable price that does what makes the company more productive.  With that PCs2U was born. Our first challenge was creating a powerful infrastructure of our own. Within two years, the staff at PCs2U has grown to add 2 more technicians A+ certified. Each of these individuals are committed to delivering solid advice and unparalleled service.

PCs2U now has staff to manage your eqiupment 24x7 providing regular reporting, forcasting and an infrastructure to even give your IT Department the capability to push out policy to unlimited  systems with the push of a button. You will find PCs2U a trusted name in Computer and Network Consulting, maintenance, and management, and un paralleled infrastructure security

Why do you need PCs2U Inc.?

  • Save money
  • Conserve valuable resources
  • Less downtime means more productivity
  • No IT employees to manage (We take care of everything) or give your IT staff more power to do their job
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Forecasting Roll over implementation
  • Growth management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Peace of mind