PCs2U, Inc.
Technology for the new workforce
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PCs2U was originally started as a company dedicated soley to providing computer equipment to the government and education sector.  Our understanding of the need for attention to detail, individualized one-on-one care, and innovative solutions to common environments lead us to believe we could help more people.

We have found that our experience in that sector can be utilized in the private sector as well.

Someone once said, "Life is like a...."

PCs2U doesn't want any surprises for you in your organization. Affordable contracts to provide you with regular updates and alerts on how your equipment is functioning can put your mind at ease.

We tailor how much we cover based on your guidance and needs.

Set an appointment today for a free review of your network.

Does everything in your closet look like a disaster waiting to happen?

PCs2U can help you organize your closet, clean up the dust bunnies in your software and fine tune your equipment so that it runs like new!

Time tested practices can be implemented in your environment with a little help from us.